It is very simple:

50 cents per line for envelopes, place cards,…etc.

$25.00 per hour for custom work

        Plus any shipping charges*


For example: an outer and inner envelope combination has a total of four lines @ 50 cents per line which would cost $2.00.


I supply the McCaffery's Penman's Ink in either a gloss black or black. If you want a different color of ink than black then an additional cost would apply to purchase the ink.

You supply the paper. It is necessary for you to order 10% to 15% extra of your paper product that I will be writing on. This allows for ink smears that result from the pen tip collecting paper fibers, corrections, and additions.


When selecting your paper product look for smooth, high quality paper stock. William Arthur is considered the best by calligraphers.  Paper that feels and looks rough will result in a less than desirable finished product.


*Not responsible for damage from shipping