Dovetail Calligraphy specializes in the early American form of ornamental penmanship called Spencerian Script.  It was created by Platt Rogers Spencer (1800-1864) of New York. By the 1850's schools and businesses alike used Spencer's handwriting style as the standard.  The Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship lasted until 1925 when individuals took the Spencerian style to new artistic endeavors. 


The penmanship of Dovetail Calligraphy will set you apart. Creating the tone you are looking for in your wedding, party, or event. It will bring a classic, timeless, elegance to your envelopes, invitations, place cards, menus, or certificates. 

Dovetail Calligraphy will evoke a remembrance of the past when all invitations and letters were penned by hand, then delivered in person. Your guests will know how important they are when they receive your invitation in the mail with their name beautifully written.